What Is The Best Guinea Pig Bedding?

Your guinea pigs tank a lot of time in their cage, so they require the bedding materials that good at absorbent, soft and warm. Furthermore, their bedding also needs to keep odor and do not contain any hazard risk of them. It is not a difficult task in choosing the correct guinea pig bedding, but […]
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How To Store Flour And Sugar?

Are you upset because you do not understand why your sugar jar keeps flowing or there are ants inside? Or the flour is always damp and moldy after a period of storage. Refer immediately to the way of preserving sugar and flour for a long time, not going bad, not afraid of insects penetrating in […]
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Bedbug Etiquette

Bedbug Etiquette *note: The photo above is obviously not of a bedbug. I would never make you look at that.   Have you ever had bedbugs? I feel your pain. Backpack long enough and you will definitely come across these little shit disturbers. They can be anywhere – upscale hostels, crappy dumps, dorms, private rooms, […]
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