In-line water pump vs submersible water pumps: Which is better for your aquarium?

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The right water pump for your aquarium will help you maintain a healthy thriving aquatic environment for your underwater plants and animals. I have been used the best submersible water pumps for a few years. But now, for some reasons I began to weigh the options between In-line water pump and submersible water pumps.

Both types of water tank pumps have pros and cons. Here are some things to consider to help you make a decision between the two:

#1 Efficient

If effectiveness is the most important factor that you consider, then I would recommend you to go with in-line water pumps. In-line water pumps are usually more powerful than submersible water pumps. That means they can able to move larger amount of gallons water per hour.

However, the advantage of submersible pumps are they run completely underwater so they never need to be primer.

#2 Energy efficiency

Submersible pumps also very efficient because they don’t really have to spend a lot of energy moving water into the pump. Due to this, water pressure pushes the water into a submersible pump, and saving a lot of the pump’s energy. While In-line water pumps need to be able to suck water in. In this respect, in-line pumps may be more complex or less energy efficient.

#3 Cooling down

Since submersible pumps are in the water, so they will easy to be cooled by water, which means they don’t heat up and overload. However, it also its drawback as they are water cooled, they may release heat out into the water and warm the water.

The major advantage of in-line pumps is that they are air-cooled, which means they may add less heat to the water.

#4 Install

Many people prefer to use submersible pumps because they’re a heck of a lot easier to install. they don’t require you to drill and install a bulkhead in your filter system. If you are beginner, this may the most important factor to look for.

It is much more complicate to install an in-line pump. They are connected to an inlet hose and outlet hose used to filter your aquarium water. In-line water pumps can be installed in one of two configurations: pressure setups or free-flow setups.

#5 Durability

The other main disadvantage of submersible pumps is that the seals can become corroded with time. When the seal gets damaged, there are chances of the water getting into the motor. Due to this, you will have a task to maintain and keep the seal protected.

In-line water pumps, on the other hand, require less effort to maintain. They are more accessible, easier to examine and work on.