Can you use a candy thermometer for oil?

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Checking the temperature of the oil or ensuring that sugar has reached the right temperature for candy-making require more than just guesswork. Accuracy is the secret to get the success of cooking. Each receipt requires different temperature so you need the right thermometer for the job.

The question is: is a candy thermometer the same as a deep fry thermometer? Did these two receipts require the same level of temperature?

#1 What is the regular oil temperature when cooking?

While meat and poultry might be cooked anywhere from 130°F to 175°F, the recommended temperature of oil for frying is generally between 365°F to 375°F. maintaining a consistent oil temp throughout the cooking process is very important to help your foods crisp on the outside and cook well on the inside.

However, if the oil is too hot your foods may become overcook, browned on the outside and the inside remains undercooked. On the other hand, if the oil is not hot enough, it will take for longer to cook and allows the grease to penetrate the food.

#2 What is the regular sugar temperature when cooking candy?

A candy thermometer, also known as a sugar thermometer, or jam thermometer typically temperature range as high as 300 F or more. Digital candy thermometers, which are battery operated, will typically display each temperature range as the heat reaches the levels of caramel, hard crack, soft crack, and the other designated levels. These levels are different stage of cooking candy process.

#3 Can you use a candy thermometer for oil?

According to best candy thermometer wirecutter, you can buy separate thermometer for candy and deep-frying, but usually, they are combined, and they both work fine for the home cook. As long as select a thermometer with a high-temperature range that over 400 °F, you can use it for both candy and oil.

#4 what kind of thermometer do you use for oil and candy?

I would like to recommend ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Thermometer or the Kizen Instant Thermometer. These thermometers can measure are about 572°F or above. That means you can use for not only for cooking meat but also candy and deep frying. They also have a metal clip used to attach them to the side of a pan, so you do not need to hold it in place by hand.