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Alessandro intende ringraziare
in particolar modo:

Prof. Salvatore Bommarito, Arch. Mario Virano, Alberto Monaco, dr. Giuseppe Polizzi, Ispettorato Territoriale Sicilia, COSPAS / SARSAT (Bari), Salpancore (Palermo), Kannad, Mc Murdo, Yokohama Bayside Marina (Japan), Centro Velico Balestrate, Prof. Robin Candau, Prof. Philippe Grise, Prof. Alain Groslambert, Lega Navale Italiana, Federazione Italiana Vela, Tecno Team (Palermo), Nautica del Porto-Porto Garibaldi, Antonio Farinelli, Stefano Trombelli, Luca Rizzi, ESPACE MER - Les Sables d'Olonne, PORT OLONA - Les Sables d'Olonne,  Picchio - Pietro Matteucci, Alessandra e Massimo Giardini, Lega Navale Italiana Sciacca, Lega Navale Italiana Bari, Lega Navale Italiana Crotone, Lega Navale Italiana Agrigento, Lega Navale Italiana Castellammare del Golfo

Project : to find the sponsor for the Vendée Globe 2012

Dear Sir,

My name is Alessandro Di Benedetto and I just spent  the past few months establishing a First single-handed round the world record  sailing towards the three great Capes, Good Hope, Leeuwin, Horn, non-stop, unassisted, with no engine and in complete autonomy on a 6.50 meters (21 feet) long sailboat.

The circumnavigation started at the Sables d’Olonne (France) the 26th October 2009 and ended the 22nd July 2010 in Les Sables d’Olonne. The route followed was the same as the original Sunday Times Golden Globe Race back in 1969 (now the Vendée Globe).

After little less than nine months at sea I have accomplished the journey becoming  the smallest sail boat ever to have completed the full circle. While the previous record of 1969 was established by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston on a 32-foot sailboat.This record is ratified by the World Sailing Speed Record Council / International Sailing Federation  WSSRC/ISAF as a world First. During this journey I had to face the most serious weather conditions of the Southern Ocean, overcome the difficulties of a dismast in the Pacific, build a jury rig,  pass the Horn and bring the boat and myself back home according to the plan.

The media attention  has been very prominent even if at the time I had no press agent. A photo book recently released in France “Autour du monde sur un voilier de 6.50 mètres” tells the story of this intense and fascinating  circumnavigation towards the three Great Capes.

My projects focus now on the participation to the next Vendée Globe 2012. It is indeed the goal that I set with my faithful on land travel companions, a handful of professionals and sailors among the most known with whom I worked closely for two years and with whom we are setting up this project. On behalf of the team I will be glad, in case of interest, to send you a presentation where you will discover a little more about my curriculum as a sailor and the outline of this new project and you can judge its potential to become an element in your marketing communications strategy.

Confident that this presentation will hold your attention, me and my project director Roman Lucat, will be pleased to answer to your enquiry. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Alessandro Di Benedetto





        CONTACTS :

§          Alessandro Di Benedetto : Skipper


   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

                 +33 (0) 6 46 27 76 85; + 39 329 23 40 128

§          Romain Lucat : Project Director

           This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

                  +33 (0) 6 71 74 72 24